Faith collection - Faith 01
by Piotr Dabrowa

Lamp collection I designed in 2020 as a part of the lighting series I made at the beginning of the pandemic. Faith premiere was at the Paris Design Week in 2021 in Galerie Iham. When designing the Faith Collection, my approach was to create a decorative sculpture suspended in the air that perfectly fits above a dining table or kitchen island in any home pleasing the user with its form and the light it gives.

Available in two lengths- 120 cm and 70 cm.

available on Balance Studio.One ︎︎︎

Faith collection - Faith 01-6

Faith 01-6 lamp in copper

Faith 01-6 lamp in gold

Faith 01-6 lamp in black

Faith collection - Faith 01-3

Faith 01-3 lamp in copper

Faith 01-3 lamp in gold

Faith 01-3 lamp in black