Juni dining table

Introducing the Juni Dining Table – a recent piece I designed for Serafini, exclusively exhibited at the Milan Design Week 2023 as part of a group exhibition.

The Juni dining table is a handcrafted piece made in Italy that celebrates the natural beauty and diversity of marble. With a captivating combination of Bianco Crystal and Verde Alpi marbles, this table showcases a striking contrast of colors and textures, creating an exquisite and refined design. The table's unique shape, featuring a slender round top and a conical base, is accented by inverted J-shaped legs, crafted entirely from Verde Alpi marble, demonstrating the enduring beauty and strength of natural stone.

Each piece is signed, numbered, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Dimensions: D135 cm, H 75 cm
Materials: Verde Alpi, Bianco Crystal marble
Origin: Italy
Production: SERAFINI

price upon request

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